Wills & Trusts-Alternative Dispute Resolution & Litigation

One of the most difficult challenges of life is dealing with the loss of a loved one. Even if the estate distribution has been carefully planned, disputes arise between family members and even third parties. In most cases disputes can be handled through  the administration process. However for those cases where either you are the executor/administrator/trustee, and someone challenges the documents or the procedures, some disputes must be litigated  to obtain court resolution. Or if you’re a beneficiary or interested party and  must challenge the actions or in-actions of the executor/administrator/trustee. Court intervention is sometimes required and helpful. James E. Mahfood has practiced will/trust/probate litigation since the early 1990s. He became licensed as a California Real Estate Broker in 1994. Most estates and trusts include assets of real estate and financial accounts. His extensive litigation background in probate, real estate and general business matters, has developed a broad quiver of tools and experience to fight and navigate through these complex matters-without court or with!

Mr. Mahfood regularly participates in mediations, arbitrations and other alternative dispute resolution procedures (“ADR”) that avoid court. It is almost always more advantageous and cost effective for the client and the estate to have disputes resolved informally through ADR. In his own words “The Orange County Judges and my esteemed local attorney colleagues know that although I am a relentless fighter if required, I am an equally relentless supporter and participant in ADR”.

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