1. When I call MahfoodLaw and speak to an attorney, is there any fee for the phone consultation?

No. There is never a fee for phone consultations even when speaking with an attorney. Free or discounted office consultations are also available.

2. Is there any risk of confidential information being disclosed?

Never. Each phone or office conversation with the attorney, whether he is hired or not is covered by the attorney/client communication privilege meaning your conversations are confidential and protected from disclosure to others.

3. What type of fee arrangement may I expect? Like many things in life…it depends.

Like most professionals, attorneys are generally compensated on a fee based for each hour or portion of an hour at the agreed upon rate, OR most will or trust preparations, a flat rate-meaning a set fee for the entire job established before the work is started OR a contingency-meaning the fee is based on a percentage of the recovery on a case plus out of pockets expenses OR sometimes a combination of each type.

4. For dispute matters, does Mahfood Law handle  prosecution and defense cases?

Yes, experienced attorneys fully understand both “sides” of a case. Mr. Mahfood’s 25 + years of legal transaction, litigation and estate experience has provided  him the insight to resolve most any matter by negotiation, litigation or if necessary, by trial.

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