Changing Your Living Trust

If you’ve already created a living trust, you may wonder if it is set in stone forever. Many people are wary of creating a living trust before they are sure of how they want to pass down their estate for fear that they will change their minds. However, you can change your living trust fairly easily, particularly if you have the guidance of a good estate lawyer. Changing your trust is fairly easy – all you’ll need to do is [...]

What You Can Expect As A Trustee

There are three very important components of a trust: the trust holder, the trustee, and the beneficiaries. The trust holder is using the trust as a tool to manage their money and other assets, while the beneficiaries receive the assets through the trust. The beneficiaries of a trust are usually immediate family members, but could also be extended family members, friends, or even charities. The trustee acts as the middleman by managing the money and handling all related paperwork [...]

Why You Should Avoid Making a Trust Online

A living trust is a very useful estate planning tool that can help you easily pass down assets to your family members or friends at the end of your life. Living trusts are often used in conjunction with wills to avoid probate and ensure that assets are distributed quickly and privately. Many people attempt to make their living trusts online using free software. While you can do this, and some people do not have any problems with it, it’s [...]

What Assets Can You Put In A Trust?

Trusts are an asset management tool that can help you ensure that your money and your investments remain in your family or are managed according to your wishes. There are a variety of different types of trusts for different situations. Many people use trusts as a way to transfer their assets after they pass away, to give money to their children or relatives as they grow up, or to give money to charity. Trusts are also a good way [...]

What is A Charitable Remainder Trust

There are many different types of trust funds that you can use to benefit your family and save money. One of the most interesting is the charitable remainder trust. This trust allows you to contribute your savings to your favorite charity, and it also keeps your money safe from estate taxes. If you are passionate about a certain cause and want to ensure that your savings benefit something that is important to you, then a charitable remainder trust is [...]